How To Do Mens Pilates DVD

What follows is information about a professionally filmed how to do mens Pilates dvd where a professional instructor takes a 30 minute session demonstrating advanced Pilates techniques which are especially adapted for men of all ages.

Explanation is given about how Pilates can be used by men of all ages to improve body conditioning, flexibility and inner core muscle strength including better posture and reducing the likelihood of back pain occurring. 

To undertake the exercises the various equipment is explained and demonstrated and includes a mat, 65cm ball, rope, noodle exerciser (a long plastic coated soft flexible tube used in different exercise routines as an aid for stretching) and 1.5kg arm weights

There is then a workout routine demonstrated over the next 30 minutes by a professional Pilates instructor and includes:

  • Mat work and body stretching techniques
  • Muscle stretching using noodle exerciser
  • Mat work for muscle strengthening
  • Muscle strenghtening techniques use the arm weight
  • The use of the ball to improve strength and flexibility

It should be noted that anyone undertaking these men’s Pilates techniques should already have a certain degree of fitness and are familiar and have practised the routines previously. Once the basics of Pilates routines have been learned then this men’s Pilates dvd is the next step for men who wish to get to the next level using techniques especially adapted for the male physique.

For more information about how you can benefit from using these particular techniques on this easy follow Pilates dvd then click on mens Pilates

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Both Young Or Old Can Use Mens Pilates

A big advantage of men’s Pilates techniques is that they can be used by both young and old as the exercises are easily adapted. Yet still there appears to exist a misleading impression of Pilates that conjures up images of svelte women in ballet style poses. Never forget that Pilates exercise techniques were created by Joseph Pilates initially for men, and today is used by male athletes and even serving soldiers. 

Men have different skeletal structures including smaller pelvises and narrower hips and thus have a smaller range of body motion due to these physical attributes. The result of this is to be more vulnerable to muscle strains and back pain.

Men’s Pilates can be adopted whatever of the age of the man. A young fit guy will perhaps be concentrating on seeking improvement and attainment in a particular aspect of fitness and will be seeking different results to someone of an older age who uses Pilates as a means to regain what time has, perhaps, started to diminish.

A young guy goes regularly to the gym and develops an impressive muscle form yet has found that whilst muscle strength and endurance has been accomplished, there can still be poor flexibility that prevents a greater body movement. Pilates will help with improved flexibility and the subsequent increase in the strength of the body’s muscle core will ensure that posture is correct and when strength is required, it is being channelled in the correct manner.

Alternatively, an older man may want to try and regain some degree of the flexibility and strength of his younger years. Exercises which include stretching will increase both flexibility and mobility which will strengthen the core muscles, ensuring a better posture and reducing the chances of the danger of back pain arising. 

He may also have lost weight, some of which could be from muscle wastage and now seeks to take action to lose some excess fat that is still around their midriff. Pilates will again offer a solution using gentle forms of exercise to tone the stomach and abdominal muscles to eliminate the last evidence of the former belly.

Watching and following a professional instruction men’s pilates dvd is an easy way to discover how to do these exercise techniques. Click on mens pilates dvd


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How Mens Pilates Will Improve Fitness And Health

Whilst basic Pilates exercises can be undertaken by all, variations to them and differing emphasis require to be adopted when undertaking men’s Pilates. As men have different physical attributes from women and thus the muscles and body frame move in different ways, the types of fitness exercises require to be modified accordingly for maximum results.  

In general, men are more muscular though less flexible than the average woman and have different skeletal structures that include a smaller pelvis and narrower hips. This results in a reduced range of movement as compared to that of women and this can create the onset of back pain and muscles strains and tears.

With men’s Pilates fitness techniques, men can work with specifically tailored exercises focusing on their body posture and balance, which will improve stability, flexibility and build core muscle strength resulting in greater body strength and physical endurance. The need for bulging muscles for great body strength and endurance is less important than many realise.

Many men can be at risk of muscle tightness in the lower back area plus also the hamstrings. This can derive from poor posture developed over many years by a standing and walking position where the head and shoulders are forwarding leaning with the head pointing down. 

Though some Pilates movements can have the effect of creating some strain on the lower back area, these exercises can be modified for use by men with the risk of injury greatly reduced with the benefits of better posture and improved core muscle strength with all the advantages that this creates. 

By adopting men’s Pilates as part of an exercise routine the posture habits developed over an extended period of time will be challenged and a new, correct form of posture will soon develop. This new form of posture will change from being a conscious exercise and action to unconscious and become natural and this will reduce the likelihood of suffering from back pain. This is a secret, hidden benefit of undertaking mens Pilates as a method of exercise to improve health and fitness.


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So What Is Pilates All About?

So you are interested or perhaps just curious in learning about men’s Pilates exercise techniques? These are expertly crafted exercises especially adapted for men which will result, over a period of time, in the development of efficient movement habits that become part of everyday without consciously having to think about doing them.

Pilates exercise routines improve overall balance and body control to achieve better body conditioning and such exercises increase the flexibility and the strength of the body’s core muscles. This then improves both the walking and sitting postures and thus reducing the pressure on the spine and correcting poor breathing habits. The outcome will also be a reduction of stress and an improvement mental wellbeing. 

There are literally hundreds of different exercises for men’s Pilates and each one can then be modified to take into account your own personal circumstances and the goals that you want to achieve. The exercises are usually performed on a mat and can involve using different sized balls and even a bit of rope.

One advantage of Pilates is that positive differences to body flexibility, muscle strength, posture and a general feeling of wellbeing can be noticed quite quickly. This can all be enjoyed through an exercise routine that does not involve having to go to a gym several times per week as it can be performed at home quite easily with the basic equipment.

Knowing how to do men’s Pilates is not difficult and the rewards are not only a better level of fitness but also improved physical and mental wellbeing.  The benefits are being recognised by more people who want to achieve a stronger muscular core for better posture, greater flexibility and a renewed zest for life. 


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Welcome To How To Do Men’s Pilates Website

Welcome to men’s Pilates.

This website features information on mens Pilates techniques and I will be posting more useful information about these health and exercise routines that will help you understand and be able to utilise them as part of a healthy living programme.

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